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Our mission: to simplify electric mobility for everyone

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Electricity is available everywhere, and any power outlet should be able to charge any electric vehicle, right?

Mister EV is born in 2014 on theses simple statements by the collaboration of the companies SAABRE and ESD Electronique along with the crazy ideas of EV Geeks!


Driven by enthusiasts and experts, our brand is based on a great mission : to simplify the lives of EV drivers with easy-to-use, innovative and affordable products.

With the MAXICHARGER, the brand offers a first unprecedented solution allowing the average EV driver to overcome the range anxiety with a device allowing, without extensive knowledge of electricity, to use any socket on his way and thus maximise its recharge speed in any situation.

Mister EV then extends its range with the MINICHARGER, the smallest domestic charging cable in its class yet affordable.

In 2021, Mister EV is launching the VELOCY BOX, the wallbox with dynamic charging manager (Velocy Sense) that allows you to manage the charging power without increasing your electricity subscription.

Always closer to the needs of our customers, Mister EV now provides its entire product range with tailor made cable size options, from smart charging cable to simple passive public station charging cable!


Mister EV offers quality products made to measure at the best price and manufactured for the most part in France, in our workshop in Alsace. We think about our products as much as possible to design them with materials from the European Union.


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