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minicharger cable domestique de recharge
minicharger type 2
Minicharger voiture electrique Mister EV
chargeur voiture electrique pour prise domestique Schuko
chargeur voiture electrique pour prise anglaise BS1363
chargeur voiture electrique prise suisse CH T13

MINICHARGER - Charging cable for domestic power outlet - Type 2

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Charge your EV or PHEV from all domestic power outlets with the Minicharger - the standard charging cable for occasional use.

  • The lightweight, compact charger for domestic power outlets
  • For Type 2 vehicles
  • To charge from domestic power outlets in France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK
  • Made in France
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Minicharger – the charging cable for standard power outlets

The Minicharger is a standard charging cable allowing you to charge your electric car or plug-in hybrid from various domestic sockets in Europe.

  • Lighter and more compact than the occasional charging cable supplied by your carmaker - you will soon switch over to the Minicharger !
  • The Minicharger does not require any specific electrical installation – unlike some cables on the market which require a “Green up” socket
  • Charge in all safety with its dynamic temperature monitoring system and integrated LED display.

Charging from domestic power outlets in Europe

A traditional domestic socket in France (Schuko) can only take 2.3kW, i.e. 10A DC. For your safety, the charging current is limited to the following settings depending on the domestic power socket in question :

  • Schuko socket (France / Germany): 10A
  • BS1363 socket (standard UK): 13A
  • T13 socket (Switzerland): 8A

The indispensable charging solution

The cable for charging from a domestic power outlet is the handy back-up charging solution in certain situations. Although it is recommended only to use it occasionally for the safety of your vehicle and to avoid overheating your electrical installation at home, it is nonetheless an essential piece of charging equipment to have ! Someone has offered you a domestic power socket to charge from? Need a charging solution for a weekend, holiday or on your travels? The Minicharger is the perfect EV charger for domestic power outlets to be used in conjunction with a charging station for everyday charging.

Safe charging from domestic power outlets

The Minicharger gives you a charging solution for your EV in the best possible conditions :

  • If the electrical installation gets overheated, the electric cable stops charging. The temperature monitoring system protects your vehicle and the electric installation of your home.
  • With its colour LED display, you can easily detect the operating status of the Minicharger.
  • You can charge without the risk of overheating the equipment due to the integrated current limiter.

Technical specifications of the Minicharger - Charging cable for domestic power socket - Type 2

For owners of Renault ZOE in Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark, this product (like all charging equipment) is not immune to failure when charging due to the absence of a neutral pin. If you are in this situation, you should install an isolation transformer to charge your EV. Contact us if you require further information.

Max. power
EV connector
Type 2
Connection type
Available in 3 versions: for Schuko domestic power socket (France and Germany), for BS1363 domestic power socket (UK) and for T13 domestic power socket (Switzerland)
IP rating
Operating temperature
-20 à +60°C
Made in

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Why purchase the Mister EV charging cable for standard power outlets?

Safe charging

Mister EV products are systematically tested on our electrical test bench in our workshop.

Recognised quality

The cable for domestic power outlets adopted by car manufacturers.

Made in France

The cable for domestic power outlets is manufactured in Alsace.

After-Sales Service

Mister EV products benefit from an after-sales service and technical experts are on hand to advise you.

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