MAXICHARGER adapter – Type 3c plug - 22kW
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MAXICHARGER adapter – Type 3c plug – 22kW


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Charge your EV in France at up to 22kW on a public charging station with this T3c adapter designed for the MAXICHARGER



Charging adapter for Type 3c sockets three phase 32Amps.

Current limited by the charging station

Almost half of the charging stations installed in France are still using Type 3c sockets! Thanks to this adapter, you’ll be able to drive through France without compromises, saving money and space in your trunk!

Beware : this adapter is compatible ONLY with MAXICHARGERS manufactured since January 2016.

Notice : Some charging networks in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon requires the removal of the protective flap to be properly plugged. You can either ask us to remove it prior to the shipping, or remove it by yourself following the easy steps on the video below.


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