MINICHARGER TURBO - Charging cable - 3.7kW
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MINICHARGER TURBO – Charging cable – 3.7kW

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Compact and ultra light, charge your EV up to 2 time faster with the MINICHARGER TURBO


ATTENTION : This product is no longer available. Alternatively, we recommend our MAXICHARGER which will provide the same service with more versatility.

The MINICHARGER TURBO is a standard charging cable that allows you to charge your EV on a high power CEE17 16A single phase socket.

Most electrical outlet circuits are suitable for charging at 16A 3,7kW but are limited by the specifications of the domestic plug. Replace your domestic outlet by a CEE17 16A single phase socket and double your charging speed with the MINICHARGER TURBO.

Equipped with the “Turbo” switch, you’ll be able to toggle between Normal (10A) and Turbo (16A) mode anytime to use it anywhere even if the electrical network is limited.

The MINICHARGER TURBO is manufactured in Europe and covered by a limited warranty of 2 years (that can be extented to 5 years in option).

IMPORTANT : You must check that your electrical installation is suitable for this product including the following points :

  • only one socket per circuit
  • 2.5mm2 cable section
  • 20A circuit breaker

WARNING : Customers of Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark owners of a Renault ZOE, this product (like any other charging equipment) can’t overcome charging failures due to the lack of a neutral pole. You MUST install an insulation transformer to charge your car if your electric network has no neutral pole.


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