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Charging cables

Cable Type 3c / Type 1 – custom length – 7.4kW

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Charge your EV in France at up to 7.4kW on a public charging station with this custom length Type 3c / Type 1 charging cable.

  • Station side plug : Type 3c
  • Vehicle side plug : Type 1


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Almost half of the charging stations installed in France are still using Type 3c sockets! Thanks to this cable, you’ll be able to drive through France without compromises!

Our charging cables are tailor made in our workshop in Europe at your desired size from 2 up to 12 meters!

(other sizes available on special request, contact us)

  • Station side plug : Type 3c
  • Vehicle side plug : Type 1
  • Limited warranty : 2 Years

Notice : Some charging networks in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon requires the removal of the protective flap to be properly plugged. You can either ask us to remove it prior to the shipping, or remove it by yourself following the easy steps on the video below.

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