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adaptateur type 3c pour borne de recharge mobile Maxicharger
prise Type 3c adaptateur maxicharger pour voiture électrique
prise harting maxicharger borne de recharge nomade

Type 3C adaptor –Type 3C connector – 22kW

Charge your electric car up to 22kW at public charging stations with this Type 3C adaptor designed for the Maxicharger.
  • Compatible with all Type 3C charging stations in France
  • Made in France
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Mobile charger adaptor for Type 3C connector - 22kW

Specially designed for the Maxicharger mobile charging station, you can charge your EV with our adaptor for Type 3C charging stations. This adaptor for Type 3C connectors 22kW connects up easily to the Maxicharger mobile charging station with its system of interchangeable adaptors.

Charging at Type 3C charging stations

With this car adaptor for Type 3C recharge point, you will be able to recharge on the old Autolib charging station in Paris !

Safe charging

For your safety, the current is automatically limited to 32A when you connect the adaptor for three-phase Type 3C connectors to your Maxicharger mobile charging station.

Technical specifications of the Type 3C adaptor - Type 3C connector for Maxicharger – 22kw

This adaptor is only compatible with Maxicharger charging stations manufactured after January 2016.
Some charging stations in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon require the removal of the Type 3C connector's protective cover in order to be connected correctly. You can do this very simply by following the instructions in the video below, or ask us to do it before shipping.

Max. power
Connection type
Type 3C
IP rating
Operating temperature
-20 to +60°C
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