Multi-way V2L adaptor for Kia and Hyundai (T2 / 3 x 16A 230V)

Multi-way V2L adaptor for Kia and Hyundai (T2 / 3 x 16A 230V)

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Use your electric car as a battery to operate your electrical devices with the Type 2 V2L (Vehicle to Load) adaptor to Schuko multi-way sockets.

  • Compatible with Kia EV6, Kia e-Niro (2022) and Hyundai IONIQ 5
  • Compact and safe

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Multi-way adaptor for Type 2 electric cars

You need several power outlets to make good use of the battery of your EV equipped with V2L (Vehicle to Load) technology?
Thanks to the compact, lightweight multi-way V2L adaptor for Type 2 EVs, you can charge and connect up your electrical devices so that they operate even when there’s no domestic socket around or when you are in the middle of nowhere on your camping travels by EV. From a stopgap solution when the battery of another EV has run down to the comfort of plugging your vacuum cleaner into your EV or going on a weekend camping trip off the beaten track, you can safely plug in up to 3 devices with your Type 2 multi-way V2L adaptor.

The Type 2 multi-way V2L adaptor is fitted with an overheat protector for enhanced safety when you use 3 Schuko sockets at the same time as opposed to using a 3-way socket plugged into a one-way V2L adaptor.

You can switch the power supply on and off at any time to plug or unplug an electrical device using the on/off button on the multi-way V2L adaptor for Type 2 connector.

Only Kia EV6, Kia e-Niro (new 2022 model) and Hyundai INONIQ 5 EVs are compatible with the Type 2 multi-way V2L adaptor for you to plug in everyday devices on 3 16A 230V sockets.

Technical specifications of the Multi-way V2L adaptor for Kia and Hyundai (T2 / 3 x 16A 230V)

Max. power
3,5 kW (single-phase)
EV connector
Type 2
Terminal connector Multi-socket 3 x Schuko single-phase (3 x 16A 230V)
IP rating
Operating temperature
-40 to +50°C
Made in
2 years

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