Pourquoi Mister EV lance sa première gamme de t-shirts ?

Why is Mister EV launching its first range of T-shirts?

Some of the more observant of you may have noticed that new products have cropped up on the shelves of our Mister EV website, namely T-shirts. In this article, we will reveal the story behind this new range!

Our team is made up of EV wonks - some of our senior members were even pioneers in the field! Sébastien and Yoann respectively drove the first generation Renault ZOE and Nissan LEAF – vehicles that barely had a range of around 60 miles at a time when charging points were few and far between!

Over the years, we have constantly worked on popularising electric vehicles, explaining how they work and advising potential buyers. We have invested a lot of energy into promoting the cause of EVs at a time when not everyone was convinced that they represented progress in terms of mobility.

We have kept up our militant spirit and always wanted to work on a range of fun T-shirts reflecting the mind-set of the pioneers of electric power. T-shirts that can be worn by the community of EV drivers and represent a sense of belonging. A range that can also be attractive to newbies who are proud to join the generation that has opted to go electric.

This was the foundation for our first 4 exclusive creations in the Mister EV T-shirt range with their colourful one-liners: SuperchargedKeep Calm and Charge OnQuit Smoking and Take the Power. Olivier, who came up with the visuals, has done a great job in getting the message across with his original graphic designs for each collection.

Our organic cotton T-shirts are printed on demand by our Spanish supplier. By adopting this mode of operation, we not only avoid overproduction and unnecessary stocks, but can also offer a very broad range of colours to suit everyone’s tastes.

We hope you will love this new line of products – don’t hesitate to let us know what your favourite T-shirt is in the comments!

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