prise recharge voiture electrique

Heavy-duty sockets for charging stations

Discover our heavy-duty power sockets designed for charging electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. You can charge your EV with a charging station at home in all safety when you install a heavy-duty wall socket 16A (single-phase) or a heavy-duty wall socket 32A (three-phase). The essential accessory for making EV charging safe in a house, garage or block of flats.

      Frequently asked questions

      Depending on your electric car and the power of the chosen charging socket, the charging time varies. We invite you to consult the recharging time simulator to get an idea of the recharging time of your vehicle with a CEE17 socket.

      To charge at a CEE17 socket (P17), you can use a Maxicharger mobile charger. The CEE17 charging socket is available in various power ratings, so you will need to choose the right mobile charger adapter for the charging socket you are installing.

      The CEE17 charging socket needs to be installed by a professional when its power is higher than 3.7kW. To ensure that the socket is safe, it is recommended that it is installed out of reach of children and that the socket can be switched off when not in use.