Electric Car Charging Guide 2024

Guide recharge voiture électrique 2024

How do I choose a recharging solution for my electric vehicle?


In this guide to recharging your electric vehicle, you will find :

  • A summary to help you understand the basics of recharging
  • Advice on choosing the best compatible charging cable for your vehicle
  • ⁣Everything you need to know before installing a home charging station: electricity subscription, installation of the charging station, purchase subsidies, economical recharging...
  • Alternatives to home charging points
  • Tips for recharging an electric car on a daily basis, saving money and all the useful links for dealing with the authorities.


guide voiture electrique recharge

Everything you need to know to buy the right cable and charging point for your needs in 2024.

Depending on your vehicle, your recharging needs and the infrastructure you wish to use, the recharging guide will help you choose the most suitable and compatible recharging solution for your vehicle and installation.

You'll also find plenty of advice on recharging your electric car and getting the most out of its performance. From good and bad practice to eco-friendly recommendations for saving money when recharging, this guide dedicated to electric cars covers recharging in depth.

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Who is the Electric car charging guide for?

The recharging guide will help you buy your electric car and choose the ideal recharging solution. This recharging guide is also available to all drivers who own an electric vehicle and want to find out more about recharging and find solutions for recharging faster, saving money or renewing their recharging cable or station.

How can I receive my Electric car charging guide?

The Mister EV team is making this charging guide available free of charge by subscribing to the newsletter. You'll immediately receive your e-book of the electric car charging buying guide as well as our advice, tips and offers on charging an electric vehicle.