After-sales and Repair Service

How can I return an article?

  1. To return any order, please fill in the following form before sending your package back to us.
  2. You will receive instructions on returning the article by email.
  3. Pack your articles very carefully and send your order back.
  4. Your returned order will be processed in our workshop.

Return request

We cannot accept packages if you have not previously filled out the return request. Thank you for your understanding.

What is the deadline for returning my order?

You have the right to withdraw your order within 14 days of receiving your package. Before sending your article back, please fill in the return request form so that your request can be processed in the best possible conditions.

The order must be returned within a deadline of 14 days after entering your request online and all postal charges are payable by the customer.

We cannot process your returned order unless you fill in the return request.

My article has a defect or does not work – what should I do? 

For any article under guarantee, simply fill out our return request before sending the article back. Our team can repair your article in our workshop. 

If an article does not work properly, but is no longer under guarantee, we will send you a quotation for repair work once you have sent us your return request.

Mister EV After-sales Service

Mister EV only offers an after-sales service for Mister EV and EV Basics products.

We repair charging stations and cables which are faulty or out of order in our workshop in France in order to extend their service life. Our expert e-mobility team carries out repairs and guarantees your safety by checking the good working order of your article on our electronic test bench.