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Home charging station 11kW for electric car

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Discover our home charging stations for 11kW vehicles and recharge at the best price at home. To charge your vehicle with an 11kW on-board charger in the best conditions, discover the best wallboxes for charging at 11kW. You can install a wallbox in a garage or outside to reduce the charging time of your 11kW car.

      Frequently asked questions

      The best recharging solution for electric cars with an 11 kW on-board charger is the home charging station with a power of 22 kW. It allows full power charging on all single-phase and three-phase electrical installations.

      The charging power of a 11kW home charging station can go up to 3.7kW on a single-phase installation, compared to 7kW with a 22kW home charging station. In a three-phase installation, 11kW home charging station and higher can recharge at a maximum power of 11kW. By choosing a home charging station with a higher power rating, you ensure a short and optimal charging time for your vehicle.

      The 11kW vehicle home charging station is compatible with both single-phase and three-phase electrical installations. By installing a home charging station with the best power rating, your vehicle will be charged in the best possible time at your home.

      There is a wide choice of home charging stations for 11kW electric vehicles. The home charging station with attached cable is a safe and affordable charging solution for 11kW vehicles. Buying a home charging station without a tethered cable requires the purchase of a charging cable of the same power linking the home charging station to the 11kW vehicle. If in doubt, contact us.

      Nos bornes électriques pour la recharge des véhicules électriques à 11 kW

      Bienvenue chez Mister EV, votre spécialiste en solutions de recharge pour les véhicules électriques et hybrides rechargeables. Pour recharger un véhicule électrique qui accepte jusqu'à 11 kW, nous vous proposons des bornes adaptées qui vous offrent une puissance de charge optimale.

      Notre gamme de bornes de recharge triphasée allant jusqu'à 22 kW est compatibe avec tous les véhicules électriques 11kW. La puissance de charge sera automatiquement limitée à la puissance maximale de charge supportée part le véhicule. Nos bornes pour véhicules 11 kW vous offrent une grande flexibilité sur de longues années et sont compatibles avec toutes marques de véhicules.

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