chargeur pour voiture électrique

Mobile charging stations for electric cars

The mobile charger offers an alternative solution to wallboxes and standard charging cables, allowing you to charge your electric car everywhere within a range of 2.3kW to 22kW. The mobile EV charger together with a set of interchangeable adaptors provides an excellent alternative to installing several charging stations in different locations and offers a broad array of charging options when travelling. You can travel stress-free across Europe with the mobile charger, which is compatible with all electric cars on the market.

      Frequently asked questions

      The mobile charger consists of a main charger with a standard charging cable compatible with Type 1 and Type 2 electric cars. In order to work, the electric car charger needs to be completed with an adapter for the socket of your choice. The mobile charger will adapt the charging power from 2.3kW to 22kW depending on the type of socket you are charging your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle on.

      The Schuko household plug adapter can be easily connected to the mobile charger with the help of its harting plug. Charging on an electric car charger with a home plug adapter will charge at the same speed as charging your car on a home plug cable, i.e. with a power of 2.3kW. The main advantage of an electric car charger is that it can be used as a home charging point with a CEE17 plug which is easier to install in some homes.

      The adapters sold on the Mister EV website are only compatible with the Maxicharger mobile charger. Mister EV has designed a wide range of adapters for car chargers so that you can take advantage of all the sockets available around you. Connect the mobile charger to a Schuko socket, a reinforced CEE17 socket, a Type 2 terminal, a Type 3C terminal or to Swiss and British sockets.