câble de recharge mode 3

Charging cables for charging stations

Electric cables to charge your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid at public or private charging stations. Opt for a quality charging cable with customised length to suit your particular needs when charging your EV. You can opt for a Type 2 cable, the most commonly used in Europe, a Type 1 cable or a Type 3C cable to charge at public charge points near your home.

      Frequently asked questions

      If you are looking for a Mode 3 cable, you will need to know the connector and the charging power of your vehicle as well as the connector on the bollard side. The Mode 3 charging cable is made up of a connector on the vehicle side, a connector on the terminal side and the cable that makes it up exists in two powers which are single phase (7kW) and three phase (22kW). We invite you to consult the page of your vehicle to find all this information and the products compatible with your version in all simplicity.

      You will mainly find Mode 3 Type 2 Type 2 cables, which are the European standard on the vehicle and terminal side. There are also Mode 3 Type 2 Type 1 cables for charging vehicles with a Type 1 connector on Type 2 terminals. And finally, you will still find some Type 3 charging stations in France that require a Type 2 or Type 1 cable on the vehicle side and a Type 3C plug on the charging station side.

      The Mode 3 single-phase cable (1 phase) can charge at a maximum power of 7kW while the Mode 3 three-phase cable (3 phases) can go up to 22kW in alternating current. For best performance when charging, it is recommended to choose a Mode 3 cable with the same power rating as your vehicle. If you are unsure of your vehicle's charging power, please feel free to research the products for your vehicle.