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Heavy-duty sockets for charging stations

Discover our heavy-duty power sockets designed for charging electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. You can charge your EV with a charging station at home in all safety when you install a heavy-duty wall socket 16A (single-phase) or a heavy-duty wall socket 32A (three-phase). The essential accessory for making EV charging safe in a house, garage or block of flats.

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      Frequently asked questions
      A heavy-duty socket, also known as an industrial socket, CEE17 socket or P17 socket, is a device designed to withstand higher electrical loads than conventional sockets. It is generally used to power energy-hungry electrical or electronic appliances, such as kitchen appliances, air conditioners, industrial machinery or electric vehicles.
      Yes, you can recharge your EV or plug-in hybrid using a heavy-duty socket. You need to use a mobile charging station that is compatible with the socket.
      The first advantage is its price. It's the cheapest charging socket for EVs. It also offers very attractive recharging power for EVs. Depending on the model of the heavy-duty socket, you can charge your EV from 3.7 kW to 22 kW. The heavy-duty socket allows faster recharging, and can be as powerful as a home charging station.
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