câble de recharge pour voiture electrique

Charging cables for electric cars

Buy the right charging cable for your electric car or plug-in hybrid from our broad range of charging cables for EVs. Our charging cables for public charging stations and domestic power outlets hook up to all EV models on the markets and are available in lengths spanning from 2 to 15 metres. Our electric cables are compatible with the principal power outlets in the UK and Europe to charge your EV hassle-free.


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      Frequently asked questions

      Before choosing your cable, check out the type of connector which is most used in your geographical area. To charge your EV or plug-in hybrid in Europe, a cable with a Type 2 connector at the charge point end is perfectly suitable. Cables with a Type 3C connector are compatible with a large number of public charging stations in France.

      It is advisable to choose a charging cable length of between 5 and 7 m to cover charging your EV or plug-in hybrid in all situations. According to where your connector port is located on your vehicle and the position of the charging station, the distance between the two connectors can vary.

      Charging time using a household socket and a cable can vary according to the vehicle’s battery capacity. To find out more, consult our Vehicles page.

      Single-phase 11kW charging cables found on the market correspond to a maximum power rating of 7kW.

      For an EV with a maximum power rating of 11kW, we recommend that you purchase a single-phase 7kW charging cable or a 3-phase 22kW charging cable.

      Mister EV, your specialist in charging cables for electric cars, plug-in hybrids, scooters, motorcycles and electric trucks

      Our store specializing in charging solutions for electric vehicles offers charging cables meeting the majority of drivers' needs. Whether you are looking for a charging cable for socket, a cable for charging station or one for any other socket, our range offers you numerous charging possibilities for all vehicle brands electric and plug-in hybrids. You will find charging cables compatible with the main sockets in Europe to recharge your electric vehicle during your travels.

      The charging cable is essential for electric car drivers, which is why we have chosen premium cables designed to last a long time and secure for you and your vehicle! And to offer more comfort when recharging, we offer you long cables which will facilitate the connection between your vehicle and the charging socket or charging station.

      Our charging cables are perfectly suited for personal use or use by professionals and can also be used to recharge vehicles two electric wheels or even larger vehicles like utilities and heavyweight. Approved by our customers from various sectors, our electrical cable products meet the highest requirements.

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