Comment choisir la longueur de mon câble de recharge ?

How should I choose the length of my charging cable?

Are you hesitating about what cable length to go for? Don’t panic, our cable length guide is here to help you purchase the right cable for your EV. To make it easier for you to select the right charging cable length, we have prepared a guide on the length of charging cables for electric vehicles.

Charging cables can be used to charge electric motorcycles, electric cars and electric utility vehicles. This purchasing guide is aimed at all drivers of these types of electric vehicles.

What is the standard cable length for an electric car?

The most common cable length for EVs is 5 metres. The 5m cable is the standard length for cables provided by carmakers when you purchase your EV. This length is appropriate for most electric city cars and sedans, but may be too short for larger categories of cars.

charging cable 5 metres

How to choose the right cable length for my EV?

Depending on the size of your vehicle, you will need a longer or shorter cable to handle it easily in order to connect it to a charging point. To avoid scratching your bodywork when handling the cable and to avoid a cable that is too short to reach the terminal, we recommend the following lengths:

  • The 2m cable is recommended for two-wheeled vehicles. This is the perfect length to plug an electric motorcycle into charging points and then stash the cable away in a transport bag.
  • The 5m cable is recommended for smaller vehicles in the electric city car and sedan range.
  • The 7m cable is recommended for large EVs such as SUVs, estate cars and people carriers.
Guide of charging cable length

How can I avoid opting for a cable that’s too short?

In addition to the size of your vehicle, think about taking into account the distance between your EV’s charging port and the socket on the charging station. To make sure you have a cable that’s long enough to cope with all situations, we recommend that you purchase a charging cable of a minimum length of 7 metres for your electric car (city car, sedan or SUV). This is the ideal length to hook your car up to all charging points without risking a situation where the cable is too short. And it means you can charge your car whichever way round it is parked at home.

charging cable soo short

Why is opting for a longer charging cable a sustainable solution?

Eco-responsible, sustainable purchasing practices are our priority to reduce a negative impact on the environment. A longer cable length is also a solution for prolonging the useful life of your charging cable, for example if you swap over to a larger vehicle or charge another EV at your home without having to move things around to reach the charging point. Prolonging the lifespan of your cable is also a means of saving money.

Is charging your EV with a longer cable just as fast?

Charging with a longer cables is just as fast as charging with a short cable. Mister EV’s custom-built cables are manufactured up to a maximum length of 15 metres for full-on charging in all safety. For a charging cable connected to a socket, opting for a long charging cable is highly recommended if the distance between your EV and the charging point is sizeable. And it is far safer than charging your EV using an extension cord.

With our guide to charging cable lengths for electric vehicles, you will find it easy to choose the right cable length for your EV. We recommend a minimum length of 7 metres for EVs so that you can plug in your car in all configurations. Opting for a longer charging cable is an eco-responsible, sustainable solution which saves you money while protecting the environment.

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