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cable type 2 type 2 22kW
câble type 2 pour borne
cable de recharge type 2 voiture électrique
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cable t2 voiture electrique

Type 2 to Type 2 charging cable (T2/T2) – custom-made – 2.3kW to 22kW

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The high-performance Type 2 charging cable for all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles fitted with a Type 2 connector (T2 T2).

  • Charge at up to 22 kW
  • A lightweight, robust cable that won't kink
  • Custom made cable lengths from 2 to 15 metres
  • Integrated thermal monitoring system
  • CE and IEC 62196 standards
  • Made in France to order 🇫🇷
  • This product can be repaired in our workshop 💜
    How to choose the right cable length?

    Guide to choosing the right charging cable length

    The measurements given correspond to the distance between the end of one connector to the end of the other connector. 

    Are you hesitating about what cable length to go for? Don’t panic, our cable length guide is here to help you purchase the right cable for you. 

    What is the standard cable length for an electric car?

    The most common cable length for EVs is 5 metres. The 5m cable is the standard length for cables provided by carmakers when you purchase your EV. This length is appropriate for most electric city cars and sedans, but may be too short for larger categories of cars. 

    How to choose the right cable length for my EV?

    The 2m cable is recommended for two-wheeled vehicles. This is the perfect length to plug an electric motorcycle into charging points and then stash the cable away in a transport bag. 

    The 5m cable is recommended for smaller vehicles in the electric city car and sedan range.  

    The 7m cable is recommended for large EVs such as SUVs, estate cars and people carriers. 

    To choose the right cable length for your vehicle, you might find it useful to check out the table of cables lengths recommended according to vehicle type: 

      2m 3m 4m 5m 6m 7m 8m
    City car, sedan
    SUV, people carrier, estate car
    Utility vehicle, van


      9m 10m 11m 12m 13m 14m 15m
    City car, sedan
    SUV, people carrier, estate car
    Utility vehicle, van


    The ✅ included in the table above indicate the optimal cable length for each vehicle category.

    How can I avoid opting for a cable that’s too short?


    To make sure you have a cable that’s long enough to cope with all situations, we recommend that you purchase a charging cable of a minimum length of 7 meters for your electric car. 



    If you are purchasing a cable for home charging, you can measure the length between the charging port on your car and the charging point and then add 2 metres so that the cable is not stressed during charging. 

    Is it just as fast to charge your EV with a long cable?

    Yes, charging using a 15-metre cable will be just as fast as with a 2-metre cable. Mister EV’s custom-built cables are manufactured up to a maximum length of 15 metres for full-on charging in all safety. 

    Opting for a long charging cable is far safer than charging your EV using an extension cord.

    For further information, you can also consult our Guide to purchasing a charging cable.



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    The three-phase charging cable for electric cars

    Cut down on charging time at three-phase Type 2 public and home charging stations when you charge your three-phase EV equipped with a Type 2 connector.

    The charging cable that’s compatible with electric vehicles rated 11kW and above

    Compatible with all EVs equipped with an on-board 11kW to 22kW charger. We recommend you purchase the three-phase 22kW charging cable to attain maximum charging speed, whatever charging station you are using.

    Safe charging with the Mister EV T2-to-T2 charging cable

    All Mister EV cables comply with European standards and are made in France with top-quality materials to withstand the test of time and charge your EV in all safety. The robust T2-to-T2 charging cable neatly tidies away in the boot of your car without any risk of torsion. It remains flexible and keeps its shape to guarantee easy handling every day.

    The custom-made T2-to-T2 charging cable

    Mister EV electric charging cables are available custom-made from 2 to 12 metres in length to make the task of charging your EV all the easier. Select the ideal cable length for your particular use to charge your EV or PHEV the easy way.

    Technical specifications of the Type 2 to Type 2 charging cable – custom-made – 2.3kw to 22kw

    The three-phase 22kW T2-to-T2 charging cable is compatible with all electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids with a power rating of 11kW to 22kW.

    Max. power
    EV connector
    Type 2
    Charging station connector
    Type 2
    IP rating
    Operating temperature
    -20 to +60°C
    Made in
    2 years

    Why buy the Mister EV T2/T2 22kW charging cable?

    Long-term charging

    Discover the robust charging cable that won't fade over time!

    Recognised quality

    Professionals and private individuals alike recommend the Mister EV car cable.

    Delivery in Europe

    Your custom T2/T2 cable made to order.

    Made in France

    The type 2 cable is designed and manufactured in France in our workshop in Alsace.

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