Comment entretenir votre borne de recharge ?

How to maintain your charging station in tip-top condition

Have you taken the plunge, gone electric and installed a charging station at home? Congratulations! Installing a charging station at home is the best option as it will guarantee you fast, secure charging.

A wall-mounted charging station is the easiest way to charge at home. It is made up of a socket base adapted to your power supply, an electronic card and control switches - and requires regular maintenance and care to guarantee efficient performance and prevent any technical hitches. Among the options available, wallboxes are considered to be robust and withstand the test of time.

Choosing the best location for your charging station

It may seem obvious, but in fact the location of your charging station is of prime importance to prolong its lifespan. A charging station installed outdoors will be more exposed to all weather conditions than a charging station installed in a garage. Weather is the main cause of wear and tear in a wallbox: damp, cold and rain are not your charging station’s best friends. Select a model which is adapted to all weather conditions to avoid premature maintenance operations or having to replace damaged spare parts at an early stage. If your charging station is located indoors, no worries - you won’t be affected by these issues.

To extend the life of your wallbox, opt for an indoor location – and if that isn’t feasible, choose somewhere protected from the rain and as shady as possible. And if that’s not an option either, consider investing in a charging station canopy.

Also think about installing your charging station in a position where it is safe from being bumped into by your EV. It may not survive being accidently knocked by your EV.

Dust your charging station

Wherever you decide to install your charging station, regular dusting will avoid overheating hazards and untimely wear and tear. As with all electronic equipment and household appliances, dusting your charging station is a good way of saving energy. To preserve the efficiency of your charging station, you can start by checking out its exterior condition.

Taking a damp cloth, clean the outside of your charging station and the charging cable. To dust the inside of the charging station, you simply need to unscrew the front of your wallbox and gently pass the vacuum cleaner over it, taking care not to touch the electronic circuits.

Maintenance of the electronic components

The charging station is made up of several technical electronic components such as specific monitoring software. If you come across a problem which could cause your charging station to malfunction, don’t take the initiative and start taking your wallbox to bits – you could make matters even worse! Call a qualified professional, who will know exactly how to repair your charging station.

💡 Most charging stations carry a 2-year guarantee providing you with free maintenance during this period. Once your guarantee has expired, repair shops are on hand to give you a quote - just like the repair service we propose for charging stations manufactured by Mister EV.

In a nutshell, we advise you to carry out maintenance on your charging station about once a year. If it is installed in a particularly dusty place (such as your workshop) think about dusting it several times a year to guarantee optimum charging capacity. And if any problems arise, call on an expert to repair your charging station safely and efficiently. You can also inspect the components of your charging station on a regular basis (connector, contacts and mobile connector holder, charging cable). For the charging cable, simply dust it regularly without using a spray or solvent.

Happy maintenance!

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