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Wall-mounted anti-theft cable holder for Type 2 connector

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Safeguard your charging cable with this wall-mounted, anti-theft holder for Type 2 connector and keep your cable neat and tidy after every charging session.

  • Secure and weather-resistant
  • Compatible with Type 2 charging cables
  • For charging cables up to 10 metres in length
  • Wall-mounted with assembly hardware included

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The anti-theft Type 2 cable holder

Safeguard your Type 2 charging station cable with a cable holder fitted with an anti-theft system secured to a wall mount specifically designed for charging cables. The anti-theft, wall-mounted cable holder is compatible with most Type 2 cables on the market. This anti-theft charging cable holder is robust, weather-resistant and withstands the test of time. It can be mounted near your charging station either indoors or outdoors. Ideal for safeguarding your charging cable if you live in an apartment block or your charging station is located in an easily accessible area. You can avoid the risk of your charging cable being stolen by installing this anti-theft Type 2 cable holder.

The 3-in1 holder for Type 2 connectors

In addition to safeguarding your charging cable from theft, you can keep it neat and tidy on this Type 2 holder. Your charging cable will no longer be left lying around on the floor with this holder for Type 2 connector fitted with a specially designed bracket around which you loop your charging cable. You can store a charging cable of up to 10 metres on the connector holder. The Type 2 connector holder keeps the Type 2 connector securely in place via a spring-loaded clip. No more cables lying on the floor. No more risk of damaging your connectors and cables by accidently driving your EV over them with this anti-theft holder for charging cable and Type 2 connector.

Installation of the anti-theft Type 2 cable holder

The anti-theft holder for T2 cables comes with a wall-mounting kit:

  • 4 stainless steel screws
  • 4 wall plugs
  • 1 T30 torx key
  • cable protection buffers

Installation is easy when you mark out the 4 holes to be drilled into your wall. Once the wall plugs are securely in place, you can attach the holder using the hardware provided, making sure you slot the charging cable into the bracket provided. Your wall mount is now ready to tidy away your cable and Type 2 connector.

The bracket provided for holding the Type 2 charging cable measures 2 cm in diameter.

Technical specifications of the anti-theft wall-mounted cable holder for Type 2 connectors

Connector footprints
Type 2
11,5 x 11,5 x 12 cm
2 ans
Made in

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