Maxicharger Light chargeur rapide P17 pour voiture électrique

The new mobile charging station for P17 Maxicharger Light

A mobile charging station designed to charge on a P17 socket.
Faster charging than a simple domestic socket.
This is the ideal recharging solution for e-mobilists who want to recharge their vehicle faster and who want a simple solution with low installation costs.

chargeur P17 voiture électrique type 2

This new Maxicharger Light is a simplified version of the first product Maxicharger developed by Mister EV for the old Automobile Propre magazine shop.

The design of the Maxicharger Light is identical to the Maxicharger with the only difference being that it does not have an interchangeable adapter system.

The electric car charger for the P17 socket

The blue CEE socket (32A) is often found on industrial sites, in companies, on campsites or in households. It offers a much more powerful and secure charging opportunity for electric vehicles than a domestic socket, so why miss out?

The Maxicharger Light is the easy-to-use charger for charging on all available P17 (32A single-phase) sockets. It is available in two versions, for Type 1 vehicles and for Type 2 vehicles.

Maxicharger Light for Type 1 vehicle Maxicharger Light for Type 2 vehicle

adaptateur type 2 et P17 pour voiture électrique


The mobile charging station consists of an easy-to-handle waterproof case (IP54) with an attached cable for 32A single-phase P17 plug. For your convenience, the mobile charger cable is available in 5m, 7m or 10m lengths.

The fast mobile charging station at the best price

The Maxicharger Light is the ideal charging solution that requires virtually no installation costs for faster charging than at a domestic socket. It's the best value electric car charger, robust, safe and made in France. It can charge electric cars with at 7 kW and you can choose the charging power according to your needs with control buttons.

The French mobile charging station

Mister EV's Maxicharger Light is made in France. The box, connectors and electronics of the mobile charging station are designed and assembled in a family-run workshop near Strasbourg. The mobile charging station is tested on a test bench and complies with European standards. The know-how of our electromobility experts has been recognised for more than 10 years and guarantees a high quality charger with high performance for charging electric vehicles.

chargeur P17 voiture électrique fabriqué en Alsace

Assembly of electronic components in the manufacturing workshop in France

For emobilists who want to charge their electric vehicle faster on a socket at the best price, here is the easiest fast charging solution to use every day in complete safety ✨

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