One-way V2L adaptor for Kia and Hyundai (T2 / 1 x 16A 230V)

One-way V2L adaptor for Kia and Hyundai (T2 / 1 x 16A 230V)

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Connect your electrical devices to your electric car using the Type 2 V2L (Vehicle to Load) adaptor to one-way Schuko power sockets.

  • Compatible with Kia EV6, Kia e-Niro (2022) and Hyundai IONIQ 5
  • Compact and safe

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One-way socket adaptor for Type 2 electric cars

You want to go on a camping holiday by EV and be able to hook up your electrical devices? Or you need a stopgap solution to vacuum your EV or charge an electric scooter when you don’t have a power outlet to hand?

The V2L Schuko adaptor for Type 2 EVs is the must-have accessory to plug external devices into your EV, such as a barbecue, mini-oven, coffee machine, TV, vacuum cleaner or air compressor to inflate tyres, but also to charge other electrically powered machines such as scooters, e-bikes and one-wheel transporters.

You can use your Hyundai and Kia EV as a battery for the electrical devices you need every day by connecting them to the Schuko outlet on the V2L adaptor.

The one-way socket V2L adaptor for Type 2 electric cars is also a handy solution for charging another EV with a flat battery. You can charge an EV using the V2L Type 2 adaptor to Schuko socket to provide sufficient range so the driver doesn’t need to call on the help of a breakdown service.

Fitted with an overheat protector, this compact, lightweight Schuko adaptor for Type 2 can be taken on all your EV travels. Simply switch the power on and off with the safety button on the one-way socket V2L adaptor.

Only Kia EV6, Kia e-Niro (new 2022 model) and Hyundai INONIQ 5 electric cars are compatible with the V2L adaptor for you to plug in everyday devices on a 16A 230V socket.

Technical specifications of the one-way V2L adaptor for Kia and Hyundai (T2 / 1 x 16A 230V) (T2 / 1x16A 230V)

Max. power
3,5 kW (single-phase)
EV connector
UE power socket
Terminal connector
single-phase Schuko socket (1 x 16A 230V)
IP rating
Operating temperature
-40 to +50°C
Made in
2 years

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