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Guide to the mobile charger for electric car

The mobile charger, also known as a mobile charging station, offers a flexible and convenient charging solution for electric vehicle drivers. Unlike traditional charging stations which are fixed, mobile chargers allow drivers to charge their electric vehicles while on the move or in locations where access to a fixed station is limited. These devices have become indispensable companions for electric car owners, giving them the freedom to charge their vehicle wherever they are, whether at home, at work, while traveling or on the go. In this article, we will explore in detail what an electric car mobile charger is, its features, benefits and price.

What is a mobile charger for electric car?

The mobile charger, or mobile charging station, is a portable device designed to charge electric vehicles when they are on the move or when there is no access to a fixed charging station. Unlike traditional charging stations which are permanently installed, mobile chargers offer a flexible and convenient charging solution.

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These compact devices are generally equipped with a control box, a socket for connecting an adapter and a charging cable with an electric vehicle connector. They can be powered from a standard household socket, industrial socket or terminal, providing some versatility in terms of energy sources. The adapter socket provides the flexibility to change adapters depending on the type of socket you wish to charge your vehicle on.

Main features and prices

Mobile chargers offer accelerated charging capability and have built-in safety measures to protect against power surges and overheating. The charger control box allows you to limit recharging and therefore charge your vehicle at a power ranging from 2.3 kW to 22 kW (alternating current) depending on the adapter chosen and the vehicle model.

There are several mobile charger adapters with charging powers that vary depending on the type of outlet it can plug into. The main adapters are for domestic sockets, for reinforced sockets and for charging stations.

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There are a range of mobile chargers available, some offering basic features such as charging status display for simple, intuitive use. Other models offer advanced features, such as amperage selection or charging scheduling as well as a friendly user interface for ease of use.

Prices for mobile chargers with interchangeable adapters vary depending on several factors, such as brand, quality, features offered and charging power. On average, you can expect prices ranging from €500 to €1000 for a quality mobile charger with an interchangeable adapter system on the market. More basic models may be available at slightly lower prices, while higher-end chargers can exceed $1000. It is recommended to compare different options and consider your specific needs before making a purchase.

You can find mobile chargers offering a single adapter at great prices, ideal if you intend to use them on a specific socket.

The advantages of the mobile charger

The mobile charger offers a multitude of benefits to electric vehicle drivers. Its portability is one of the main advantages, allowing you to recharge your vehicle anywhere, whether at home, at work, while traveling or on the move.

Its versatility is very appreciable when traveling in an electric vehicle since it allows you to plug in anywhere.

The mobile charger has the added benefit of providing a faster home charging option with minimal installation costs using a reinforced socket. It offers charging capacities equivalent to those of a domestic terminal, with powers of up to 7.4 kW in single-phase and up to 22 kW in three-phase. Additionally, for multiple locations requiring installation, it is more economical to use a single transportable electric car charger rather than installing two separate stations.

Why invest in several pieces of equipment when just one can offer you all the solutions? With a mobile electric car charger, you have all the options at your fingertips. Whether to recharge at home on a standard domestic socket, on a reinforced socket, on a private terminal or on a public terminal up to 22 kW in alternating current, all the charging possibilities available in France are at your disposal, and this, with just one device! With this built-in versatility, you no longer need to juggle different equipment; everything you need comes together in one convenient device.


Available with Type 2 and Type 1 connectors on the vehicle side, the mobile charger offers compatibility with most electric car models on the market. When purchasing, you have the option to select the connector type corresponding to your vehicle, which also ensures compatibility with future vehicles equipped with the same connector. In addition, adapters are available to adapt to different types of electrical installations as well as the majority of charging stations available in France and Europe, allowing you to customize the adapter pack according to your needs.

The charging power delivered by the charger is automatically adjusted according to the chosen adapter, and you have the possibility to adjust the amperage if necessary in certain situations.

mobile electric car charger adapter

Here is the list of adapters available for the Mister EV MAXICHARGER mobile charger :

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Whether in an individual home or in a collective environment, the charger is mainly used to charge on a heavy-duty socket, offering increased security compared to charging on a standard socket. It is recommended to install a dedicated electrical line for charging an electric vehicle at home, thus guaranteeing optimal charging in complete safety, whether using a simple domestic socket, a heavy-duty socket or a charging station.

For use in a domestic terminal, it is recommended to choose a socket installed in a shaded area and protected from bad weather. This will ensure optimal charging performance, especially in hot weather or snow. In addition, the use of a roof for the mobile charger and a support for the cable will extend the life of your equipment, thus ensuring better reliability and greater durability over time.

💡 Although mobile chargers are designed to withstand rain and for outdoor use, it is recommended to avoid exposing the connectors, cable and case to direct sunlight or accumulation of water, which could affect their durability and performance.


In conclusion, the mobile charger with interchangeable adapter system represents an innovative and practical solution for electric car drivers. By offering compatibility with a diverse range of charging sockets, this device eliminates the hassle of finding and purchasing multiple chargers for different situations. Its portability and versatility make it an ideal companion for commuting, traveling and emergency situations, giving drivers the peace of mind of knowing they can charge their vehicle wherever they are. With interchangeable adapter technology, the future of electric car charging is within reach, simplifying the driver experience and helping to promote the growing adoption of electric vehicles.

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