Câbles de recharge Type 3 Type 1

Type 3 → Type 1 charging cables for electric cars

Buy your Type 3 → Type 1 (T3 → T1) charging cable at the best price. You will be able to charge your electric car at public charging stations with a Type 3 plug. Be sure to select a cable length that is appropriate for the size of your electric vehicle so that you have a cable long enough to charge at public charging stations.

      3 Type 3 → Type 1 charging cables for electric cars products

      Frequently asked questions

      In order to comply with the European Union standard, the network of public charging stations with a Type 3 plug is gradually disappearing in France to make way for stations equipped with a Type 2 plug. There are still a few public and domestic charging stations available for charging with a Type 3 Type 1 cable installed before 2016.

      The Type 3 Type 1 cable allows charging at a power of 2.3kW to 7.4kW on Type 3C charging stations. It thus allows accelerated charging if the charge point and the on-board charger of the electric car support a charging power up to 7kW.

      To charge comfortably in all possible configurations depending on the location of the charging point, we recommend you to choose a 7 meter long Type 3 Type 1 cable. The cable will be easier to connect to your vehicle regardless of the location of your hatch on your electric car.

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