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Type 3 Type 2 charging cables for electric cars

Buy your Type 3 Type 2 (T3→ T2) charging cable at the best price to charge your electric car at charging stations with a Type 3 plug. It is important to choose a cable length that is suitable for the dimensions of your electric vehicle in order to be able to charge without difficulty at public charging stations.
      Frequently asked questions

      There are many vehicles with a Type 2 connector, which has been the standard for car manufacturers for some years. The Type 3 Type 2 cable is compatible with all cars with a Type 2 connector, regardless of the power of the vehicle's on-board charger.

      There are two main charging points in France for Mode 3 charging: the Type 2 and the Type 3 socket. Charging points with a Type 3 socket are destined to disappear in time to be replaced by charging points with a Type 2 socket, which are becoming more common throughout Europe. You will still find some Type 3C charging points on the older, first generation charging networks as well as some home charging points that were made with a Type 3 plug.

      The Type 3 Type 2 charging cable is available in two versions and can charge at a power ranging from 2.3kW to 7kW or from 2.3kW to 22kW allowing accelerated charging. Depending on the vehicle, the charging power may vary as it is limited by the power of the vehicle's on-board charger. The charging power can also be limited by the charging point you connect to, so you can choose the Type 3 Type 2 cable with the right power according to your needs and your vehicle.

      To charge comfortably in all possible configurations depending on the location of the charging point, we recommend you to choose a Type 3 Type 1 cable of 7 meters long. The cable will be easier to connect to your vehicle regardless of the location of your hatch on your electric car.

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