wallbox 22kw

Charging station 22kW for electric car

The fastest and most economical charging solution on the market is the installation of a 22kW three-phase charging station. If your electric car is fast-charging capable, you can benefit from much shorter charging times by charging on a 22kW charging station as opposed to charging on a single socket.
      Frequently asked questions

      All electric cars with a Type 1 and Type 2 connector can be charged using a 22kW wallbox. For optimum fast charging with a 22kW wallbox, your EV must be equipped with an on-board charger with a power rating equal to or higher than 11kW. Purchasing a 22kW wallbox can also be a wise choice if your electrical installation can cope with it, or if you are planning on trading in your current EV for a more powerful model (11kW or 22kW). You can consult the page dedicated to your EV to check out the wallboxes recommended for your particular model.

      The on-board charger of your electric car will determine the maximum power rating tolerated. In other words, if your EV is equipped with an 11kW on-board charger, your maximum charging capacity on a 22kW wallbox will be limited to 11kW. At the present time, there are very few car models on the market with a 22kW on-board charger, but there is definitely a move in this direction. So, purchasing a 22kW wallbox ensures long-term compatibility for the EVs of the future. Note that you need to have a properly adapted electrical installation to reach a charging capacity of 22kW on an EV equipped with a 22kW on-board charger using a 22kW wallbox.

      You need to call on a qualified professional to install this type of charging station. Only accredited charging station installers have the know-how to make sure a 22kW wallbox is compatible with your electrical installation.

      A wallbox with a power rating of 22kW offers optimum charging conditions for infrastructures and homes with a three-phase, 32A power supply. It may be necessary to change your electrical installation to benefit from fast charging with a 22kW wallbox.

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