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Velocy Box charging station with energy management made in France
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VELOCY BOX - Type 2 rapid charging station with energy management system – 2.3kW to 22kW

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A smart wallbox that optimises charging speed – ideal for everyday usage at home.
  • Save money with the integrated system for dynamic energy management
  • Charge faster than with a standard cable
  • You can activate charging during off-peak hours only
  • Wallbox charging station 100% made in France
  • Connector holder included to keep things tidy
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way
  • Shipment within 48 hours
  • Payment in 3 times without fees

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Why opt for a Velocy Box wallbox?

The Velocy Box is the ideal wallbox for home-charging electric vehicles equipped with a Type 2 connector. MISTER EV has designed the Velocy Box, the French wallbox you won’t be able to do without, for home-charging on a daily basis.

  • Compatible with EVs charging from 2.3kW to 22kW
  • Fast charging for your electric vehicle
  • Adapted for use in private houses, blocks of flats and businesses
  • Select the cable length that matches the configuration of your installation.

The cheapest charging solution on the market

Purchasing a wallbox may seem costly, but as a long-term investment, you will make great savings. You can make full use of all the power from the grid without increasing your tariff contract. If you want to run your washing machine, hot plate and electric heating while charging your EV at the maximum rate – it’s all possible with the Velocy Box rapid charging station and Velocy Sense radio module for dynamic energy management !

Smart charging with the Velocy Sense radio module

The special feature of the Velocy Box wallbox equipped with the Velocy Sense radio module is its capacity to optimise charging speed depending on the current available, without affecting your tariff contract.

  • The Velocy Sense module automatically limits the charging power for your EV so that it doesn’t exceed the maximum power stipulated in your contract.
  • Current sensors are placed near your main fuse board via a cordless connection.
  • With its extensive range, the Velocy Sense radio module can cope with the most complex situations. Even in configurations where the signal has to pass through several walls dozens of metres apart !

Technical specifications of the Type 2 rapid charging station with energy management– 2.3kw to 22kw

Pack VELOCY BOX charging station + THREE-PHASE VELOCY SENSE radio module
This pack is designed for EVs and PHEVs equipped with a Type 2 connector and a power rating of up to 22kW (three-phase).

Max. power
EV connector
Type 2
Connection type
Installation on three-phase 400V AC, 32A max. current
IP rating
IP54 (junction box) – IP44 (connector with dust cap)
Operating temperature
-20 to +60°C
30 x 30 cm
4 wall screws and 1 wall holder for Type 2 connector (provided)
Made in
2 years

Technical specifications of the Velocy Sense radio module

Power supply
9V DC mains adaptor (provided)
IP rating
IP20 (indoor installation only)
Operating temperature
-20 to +60°C
Radio link with the Velocy BOX
869,5 Mhz (proprietary protocol)
Measurement sensors
split core sensor (provided: 1 three-phase)
Current measurement range
15 to 99A
Power measurement range
3kW to 74kW (@230Volt per phase +/-10%)
Measurement accuracy
10 x 10 x 2,5 cm
Made in
2 years

Download the Velocy Box manual

More than just a wallbox

Safe charging

Mister EV products are systematically tested on our electrical test bench in our workshop.

A wallbox for everyone

Approved by households and professionals alike

Made in France

The rapid charging station made in France

Easy to use

A wallbox with all the charging essentials

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