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A new training course for a hassle-free switch to an electric car: an electrical stimulus

You're intrigued by electric cars, but your mind is full of questions. How can I charge my car? Which type of vehicle should I choose? And above all: is it really worth it? Look no further than Shaolyn's new training course, designed to give you the answers you need to help you make the transition.

Training to help you switch to an electric car

The main objective of the "Electrical stimulus: choosing and using an electric car" training course is to help future buyers choose the electric vehicle that meets their needs. The programme aims to reassure potential users by demonstrating that they can maintain their usual lifestyle, or even improve it, with an electric car. The training also focuses on optimising charging costs, particularly for long journeys.

The training programme

The Electrical stimulus: choosing and using an electric car" course consists of 6 modules that are available on video and last for a total of 2 hours. Each module offers an in-depth analysis of specific topics, guaranteeing a complete and progressive understanding of the world of electric mobility. Let's explore the content of that modules that will undeniably turn you into a real electric car expert:  

  • Understand the main principles of the electric car.
  • Choosing the right vehicle for your needs.
  • Financing and buying an electric vehicle.
  • Charging your electric vehicle at home.
  • Charging your vehicle outdoors.
  • Driving your electric vehicle.

Furthermore, you will find a PDF file at the end of each module to help you find the key elements, as well as a quiz to help you consolidate your knowledge step by step.

Electric car experts as training staff

Shaolyn training offers a number of advantages, including access to the expertise of the entire Brakson Group, to which Mister EV belongs, a condensed, easy-to-follow training process, the ability to view videos at will, and written summaries to make revision easier.

The team of trainers, comprising Yoann Nussbaumer, Pierre, Max, Melissa, Nicolas, Anthony and Sébastien, offer practical expertise on a daily basis. Their direct experience with users enables the provision of practical advice and concrete information.

This training course is the culmination of a joint effort by the Brakson group companies, all of which share a common objective: to help society make the transition to more environmentally-friendly energies and means of transport.

Why take an electric car training course?

The main hurdles to switching to an electric car are the fear of limited range, charging time, battery life, insufficient charging infrastructures and high initial costs.

Taking a personal training course is the best way to learn about the world of electric car mobility, and much more! At the end of the "Electrical stimulus: choosing and using an electric car", you'll be able to: :

  • Identify the electric car you need.
  • Drive anywhere in France without worrying about the cost of a breakdown.
  • Optimise your charging costs, and make real savings.
  • Learn how to use an electric car to its full potential and develop eco-friendly driving habits.

Open to everyone, this training course is in French and is available online now on the Shaolyn website!

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