wallbox 11kW pour voiture électrique

Home charging station 11kW for electric car

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Discover our home charging stations for 11kW vehicles and recharge at the best price at home. To charge your vehicle with an 11kW on-board charger in the best conditions, discover the best wallboxes for charging at 11kW. You can install a wallbox in a garage or outside to reduce the charging time of your 11kW car.

      Frequently asked questions

      The best recharging solution for electric cars with an 11 kW on-board charger is the home charging station with a power of 22 kW. It allows full power charging on all single-phase and three-phase electrical installations.

      The charging power of a 11kW home charging station can go up to 3.7kW on a single-phase installation, compared to 7kW with a 22kW home charging station. In a three-phase installation, 11kW home charging station and higher can recharge at a maximum power of 11kW. By choosing a home charging station with a higher power rating, you ensure a short and optimal charging time for your vehicle.

      The 11kW vehicle home charging station is compatible with both single-phase and three-phase electrical installations. By installing a home charging station with the best power rating, your vehicle will be charged in the best possible time at your home.

      There is a wide choice of home charging stations for 11kW electric vehicles. The home charging station with attached cable is a safe and affordable charging solution for 11kW vehicles. Buying a home charging station without a tethered cable requires the purchase of a charging cable of the same power linking the home charging station to the 11kW vehicle. If in doubt, contact us.