Wallbox 7 kW

7kW charging station for EV

Discover the different 7kW charging stations for electric car, plug-in hybrids and electric bikes. Charge faster at home with a 7kW charging station and save money every day. The 7kW charging station is single-phase and available for vehicles with a Type 2 and Type 1 connector.
      Frequently asked questions

      A 7kW wallbox only offers single-phase charging and is compatible with all electric vehicles equipped with a Type 2 or Type 1 connector. However, if your electric car can charge at a rate exceeding 7kW and you have a three-phase installation at home, it is preferable to invest in a 22kW wallbox.

      It takes far less time to charge with a 7kW wallbox than with an ordinary domestic socket or a Green’up socket. To estimate the time it will take to charge your EV with a 7kW wallbox, we suggest you consult your EV page or the charging time simulator.

      A 7kW wallbox can be installed at home or on business premises for hassle-free charging. This charging solution offers you fast charging and requires installation by a qualified charging station installer. A 7kW wallbox can be installed indoors or outdoors. If it is located outdoors, it is preferable to choose a shady spot to charge in the best possible conditions in winter and summer alike.

      The most economical charging solution is to install a charging station at home. With the 7kW wallbox, you can save money when your charge your EV without necessarily changing your tariff contract. And it is cheaper than using public charging station networks.

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