MINICHARGER - Charging cable - 2.3kW
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MINICHARGER – Charging cable – 2.3kW

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Compact and ultra light, charge you EV anywhere with the MINICHARGER



The MINICHARGER is a standard charging cable that allows you to charge your EV on various domestic plugs across Europe.

Lighter and smaller than the cable provided by your car manufacturer, it will replace it conveniently!

Equipped with dynamic thermal control and an LED display, the Mister EV home plug charging cable ensures that your EV is charged in the best conditions.

For your safety, the charging current is limited with the following parameters depending on chosen domestic plug :

  • Schuko : 10 Amps
  • BS1363 (United Kingdom)  : 13 Amps
  • T13 (Switzerland) : 8 Amps

The MINICHARGER is manufactured in Europe and covered by a limited warranty of 2 years (that can be extented to 5 years in option).

WARNING : Customers of Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark owners of a Renault ZOE, this product (like any other charging equipment) can’t overcome charging failures due to the lack of a neutral pole. You MUST install an insulation transformer to charge your car if your electric network has no neutral pole.



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