nouveau sac pour cable de recharge mister ev

New storage bag for charging cables

Stowing away a cable measuring 5 metres or more in a storage bag is no mean feat! Especially when you are in a hurry or it is pouring down with rain. Yet it is so useful to protect your charging equipment and keep your boot nice and tidy. But never fear - the Mister EV team has set itself the mission of finding a solution which will change the life of e-drivers and take care of our precious charging cables. The new Mister EV carrier bag is far more than just a bag for transporting charging cables - as we will go on to explain. 😃

bag for charging cables

The must-have accessory to store away your EV cable or charger

Mister EV is much more than a mere on-line shop providing charging solutions. It is also a team of EV enthusiasts who are well aware of the problems e-drivers encounter on a daily basis. A carrier bag is an indispensable accessory to protect your charging cable and stow it away in your boot, but it is often difficult to find a high-quality bag where you can stash your cable without getting frustrated trying to close it or keep the right shape while you wrestle with your heavy, unwieldy charging cable.

The main issue with cable storage bags is that the opening is too small and not rigid enough to keep its shape when you are stashing the cable away. We are well aware of the situation - it’s a bit like a camping expedition when you are trying to stuff your chunky sleeping bag into a tiny sack that is less than half the size 😅

saccoche voiture électrique

In short, at Mister EV, we wanted to come up with a solution to make tidying away your charging equipment in your car boot as easy as falling off a log, whether it’s an everyday task or just for occasional use.

A bag to tidy up your charging cable fast

The new Mister EV carrier bag is rectangular with rounded corners to fit the winding curves of small and large charging cables. The nightmare of wrestling with your charging cable is over at last thanks to this carrier bag that can contain a 15-metre charging cable or a mobile charger with several adaptors thanks to its magnetic opening system on the top.

bag fot charging cable

The cable storage bag optimised for EVs

Mister EV’s charging cable carrier bag can be popped into your front or back boot or inside the vehicle on a passenger seat and even on the floor between the seats. Its compact format and rectangular shape can be stored anywhere and the reinforced fabric handles mean it is easy to carry.

bag for EV charging cable

The bag is made of thick, waterproof fabric to protect your boot from any dirt picked up by the charging cable (mud, rainwater, snow etc.). It also provides excellent protection against dust, sand and other substances which may be lying in your boot and which could obstruct the connectors.

The eco-responsible bag for EVs

Designed for eco-friendly delivery, our carrier bag comes folded up and ready to mount. It is niftily devised to be easy to mount, while ensuring a top-quality, rigid storage bag once mounted that will last for a long time.

The new Mister EV carrier bag is perfectly designed for both small and large charging cables and mobile chargers for EVs. It is your must-have accessory to stow away your charging equipment fast and keep your car boot clean and tidy. Opening, closing and storing away your EV charging equipment is child’s play with our new storage bag!

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