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More than wallbox

Mobile charging station - up to 22 kW AC

Fast charging

The MAXICHARGER recharges your electric car up to 10 times faster. It uses a load power of 2.3 kW to 22 kW AC.
Save recharge time!

Save money

The MAXICHARGER saves you from installing several wallboxes and the connectors that come with it.
It is more than a wallbox.


The MAXICHARGER can also be used outdoors in any weather. It is easily transportable with its suitcase and stows the trunk of your electric car.

Connect to any plugs

With the MAXICHARGER adapters, you can charge your EV on all existing power outlets. Conventional plug (Schuko), CEE17 plugs, and also English and Swiss plugs are available.


1. Vehicle connector


2. Cable length

3. Warranty

4. Adapters (select 1 adapter minimum)


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The MAXICHARGER is a mobile charging station equipped with an automatic power limiting system allowing you to use the maximum rated power of any AC plug up to 22kW. Thanks to its swappable adapter system, you’ll be able to charge you EV on :
    • Domestic plugs of any foreign countries
    • Type 2 plugs on public charging stations
    • Type 3c plugs that are specific to the French charging network
    • Any AC high power plug (CEE17)
Save money and enjoy shorter charging times by installing an high power plug (CEE17) at home and using the MAXICHARGER as a movable charging station! Delivered in a robust aluminium case, the MAXICHARGER is the ideal companion for EV drivers who wants to take the road without compromises and save space in their trunk! The MAXICHARGER is manufactured in Europe and covered by a limited warranty of 2 years (that can be extented to 5 years in option).
WARNING : Customers of Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark owners of a Renault ZOE, this product (like any other charging equipment) can’t overcome charging failures due to the lack of a neutral pole. You MUST install an insulation transformer to charge your car if your electric network has no neutral pole.