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Charging stations on business worksites

Electric vehicles are financially attractive as running and maintenance costs are usually lower than with ICE vehicles. Installing a charging station at the worksite can be a relatively simple, worthwhile process. By offering the opportunity of charging EVs on site, companies can benefit from a number of advantages.

The smart, long-term investment for EVs

Investing in an on-site charging station is often a wise decision for businesses. Making a charging solution available in the workplace can be a means of fostering loyalty among employees and customers who own electric vehicles. It may also help cut down the costs linked with public charging for businesses with electric company vehicles.

Installing a charging station on the business worksite can also give a competitive edge. Sustainability and eco-responsibility have become key stakes for businesses, and setting up a charging station on the worksite can contribute to enhancing their brand image. By demonstrating their commitment to clean energy and sustainable mobility, companies can strengthen their market position, attract new customers and talents and bolster their staff’s loyalty.

Supervision and re-invoicing with a charging station management service for businesses

On-site charging stations can be supervised remotely. This means charging data can be monitored, users managed and access to the charging stations controlled. Furthermore, the management service offers the possibility of re-invoicing the charging costs of employees and customers as well as reimbursing co-workers’ charging costs when using a company vehicle.

Chargemap Business

➡️ Supervision and re-invoicing are key assets proposed by Chargemap Business, a platform facilitating the management of all charging operations conducted by a company’s EV fleet.

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No more stress about finding a charging station

Having a charging station located on the business site is also convenient for staff members as they no longer need to find a public charging station to top up their EVs. They can simply plug in their EV at the on-site charging station during their working hours, without needing to plan a detour in the surrounding area to find a charging point. This translates into saving time and energy, while offering a practical charging solution for employees.

Adapting charging capacity to various needs

A further advantage of installing charging stations at the workplace is the ability to adapt the charging capacity according to needs. Charging stations tend to propose different charging capacities, which means employees can charge their vehicle more rapidly in the event of an urgent need – or charge more slowly to save on energy and bring down running and electrical installation costs. This flexibility allows companies to manage their electrical consumption more efficiently and adapt charging to specific needs, which can represent a practical, cost-effective advantage.

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💡 Charging stations with dynamic power distribution are ideal for EV fleets. They guarantee the simultaneous charging of EVs, with only a slight adjustment to the electricity supply contract, if indeed this proves necessary.

Cutting back on charging costs through new solutions

Businesses used to benefit from a reduction in charging-related costs by using the electricity supply from the grid to power their on-site charging stations.

With the recent hike in electricity prices, businesses may wish to envisage bringing in new solutions to cut back on costs linked with charging their staff’s EVs.

One interesting option may be to install charging stations at their employees’ home. This enables staff to charge their EVs at home, which can be more practical and less expensive than using public charging stations. Employees can profit from lower household electricity tariffs which are often cheaper than charging tariffs at public or company charging points. And this naturally brings down charging costs. Furthermore, this option can offer a flexible charging solution as employees can charge their EVs overnight when off-peak tariffs are in operation or plan charges depending on their travel needs.

Yet another interesting solution for business that have already installed solar panels is to use the energy generated to charge their company vehicles using a compatible charging station. Charging EVs at the company’s solar-powered charging stations is a sure-fire means of cutting down on costs.

Financial aid for installing charging stations

It should be noted that many businesses can benefit from government schemes to install charging stations in the workplace. In the UK, the government proposes infrastructure grants and a voucher system for installing charging systems. These are available to eligible large-scale companies, small businesses, public authorities and charities in order to encourage them to adopt e-mobility and install on-site charging points. This can help reduce the upfront costs of installing charging stations on the worksite and therefore render such investments more attractive financially.

In conclusion, installing a charging station on the business premises can be a smart long-term investment, offering a number of advantages to businesses and employees alike. In addition to potential savings in terms of charging costs and the financial advantages offered by the grants available, this move can enhance the business’ brand image by proving its commitment to sustainability and e-mobility, offer a convenient solution to employees and open the way to adapting charging capacity according to specific needs. It is therefore a wise move for businesses to think about installing a charging infrastructure on the worksite as a viable solution that meets their employees’ growing needs in terms of e-mobility.

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