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EV breakdown survival kit

Driving in your EV offers a number of advantages, however, as with all technologies, breakdowns and malfunctions may well occur. All EV owners should therefore be prepared for this eventuality. In this article, we are giving you the essential items to cope with any breakdown or malfunction that may arise.

Everything you need to know to avoid a breakdown in your EV

→ Mobile charging stations for electric cars

When you are confronted with a flat battery, having a mobile charging station can make all the difference. You can find chargers on the market that are especially designed for electric cars. These compact devices allow you to charge your vehicle from a domestic power outlet, a public charging station or a heavy-duty power outlet. Make sure you opt for a mobile charging station that is compatible with your model of EV and equipped with the right adaptors before you take to the road.

mobile charging station Maxicharger

Maxicharger - Mobile charging station for EV

→ Charging cables for electric cars

A charging cable is a crucial piece of equipment when you drive an EV. It means you can plug into specific public charging stations and charging points. When you set off on a long journey, make sure you have your charging cable on board. You should also find out where charging stations are located along your route so that you can plan your charging stops as and when necessary.

→ Route planner

Planning ahead is essential when you drive an electric car. Before setting off on a trip, use route planner apps that are specially designed for EVs. These apps help you find the best charging stations available along your route and plan charging stops to top up your battery. You are also advised to keep a safety margin by planning extra charging stops along the way in case you encounter difficulties or delays.

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Chargemap App - Route planner

→ Road safety equipment

An EV breakdown survival kit should also include road safety equipment. Make sure you have a warning triangle to alert other drivers in case of a breakdown and a torch and work gloves for emergency situations. A fire extinguisher can also be useful to put out the beginnings of a fire.

→ Emergency assistance numbers

Before setting off, make sure you have saved the roadside assistance and emergency numbers on your mobile phone. If your EV breaks down, then you can rapidly contact the appropriate services for assistance. Some carmakers offer specific assistance services for EVs, so find out about the options proposed by your EV manufacturer.

In the event your EV breaks down

Before anything else, it’s good to know that EVs are slightly less prone to breakdowns than ICE vehicles, according to the latest report by ADAC. Topping the list of breakdown hazards is the 12V starter battery, followed by a flat tyre for both EVs and ICE vehicles. By taking on board a charger for 12V batteries, you will be able to sort out the most common cause for EV breakdowns.

Malfunctions in the high voltage battery are very rare on electric vehicles and the probability of breakdowns linked with range occurring will further decrease through learning from experience and manufacturer enhancements.

If the breakdown is linked to range, then the high voltage battery has probably run down. If your range is down to less than 20%, we advise you to stop at nearest charging station. If your range is too low and you don’t have any means of charging your vehicle in the vicinity, we advise you to park in a safe place and call for assistance to avoid damaging your vehicle. Some manufacturers provide an emergency number to help you find a solution. You can also contact your insurance company if you have taken out a breakdown cover or roadside assistance policy.

When should I use the SOS button in my EV?

Have you come across an SOS button in your vehicle? It is usually located at the front of the car near the top of the windscreen and is mandatory on all new EVs marketed in the European Union since 2018. This eCall system puts you through to the emergency services in the event of an emergency or accident. The contact person will be in a position to call on the appropriate services depending on how serious the breakdown is or in the event of an accident. In all cases, think about alerting other drivers that you have a problem by setting up a warning triangle and putting on a road safety vest.

A mutual breakdown service for e-drivers

Hardly any range left and no charging station on the horizon… It’s good to know that some EVs are equipped with V2L (Vehicle-to-Load) technology which allows range to be transferred from one vehicle to another if necessary. Although this system is still in its early days, some carmakers have installed the option on certain models: Kia EV6, Kia Niro EV (2022), Hyundai INOIQ 5 and MG4. The principle is to allow the owners of the EVs mentioned above to help out other electric vehicles in difficulty using a V2L adaptor and a simple cable for domestic power outlets.


V2L Adaptor Metron

In short, EV breakdowns are similar to those experienced with ICE vehicles and you can follow the same recommendations in the event of a problem: have safety equipment on board and useful telephone numbers in the event of an emergency. To prevent the high voltage battery used to charge your EV from running down, think about kitting yourself out with the charging essentials for you trips: a mobile charging station or cable, and a route planner. And if your EV is equipped with V2L technology, don’t hesitate to help out another e-driver in need 😉

Tell us all about it – have you ever experienced a breakdown in your EV?

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