Kit borne de recharge Velocy Box

Velocy Box charging station kit

A charging station is the best charging solution around to charge your electric vehicle from your own power supply at home. In addition to saving money, this solution opens the door to fast charging. For e-drivers looking for the best value charging station made in France with true French flair, here is our practical guide to the Mister EV Velocy Box.

Contents of the Velocy Box charging station kit

Mister EV’s home charging station is made up of a box containing electronic components and an integrated day/night terminal. The terminal is connected up to your electric installation and can then be plugged into your EV via an integrated cable.

The kit is delivered with the following parts:

  • 1 wallbox with tethered cable (cable length of your choosing)
  • 1 cable holder to mount on the wall
  • 1 template to give you the right position to drill holes in the wall.

For the Velocy Box charging station fitted with the dynamic energy management option, you will also find the following components:

  • 1 high-performance radio module
  • 1 9V DC mains adaptor
  • 1 open current sensor for the single-phase wallbox and 3 current sensors for the three-phase version.

wallbox Velcy Box Mister EV

In addition to the kit, you can also consult the Velocy Box wallbox manual available on line.

How to choose your Velocy Box charging station

The Velocy Box comes in 3 versions with different configurations adapted to single-phase and three-phase electrical installations and the type of EV connector:

In addition to the single-phase and three-phase configuration, you can also decide to purchase a charging station equipped with a dynamic energy management system (Velocy Sense radio module):

How does the Velocy Box charging station work?

installation borne Velocy Box

The Velocy Box charging station enables you to charge all-electric EVs, plug-in hybrids and electric motorcycles at home. You must call on the services of a qualified professional to install a Velocy Box charging station. Once installed, the charging station is immediately operational and doesn’t need any further settings. You simply plug the integrated charging cable into your vehicle. The uncluttered design of the charging station makes it easy to use. A green light comes on when the vehicle is charging and changes colour if there is a problem with charging. You can programme charging from your EV or via the vehicle maker’s app.

Once your EV is charged, Velocy Box automatically stops the charging operation.

Control the costs linked with charging your EV

Charging your vehicle from a home charger with a dynamic energy management system can lead to substantial savings and so help you cope with increasing energy tariffs or quite simply consume less energy on a daily basis.

The advantage of the Velocy Box charging station lies in its compatibility with peak/off-peak tariffs. When the charging station is being installed, you can opt to activate this feature which will make charging automatically available during off-peak hours only (the best rates are usually at night). To control your power consumption, you can go for the Velocy Box with dynamic energy management which provides you with a smart charging solution by using the electric power available without exceeding the rating of your electricity tariff contract. This means you ensure optimum charging power, but won’t get any surprises on your electricity bill.

home charging station Velocy Box

The charging station made in France

Designed and manufactured in a workshop north of Strasbourg, the Velocy Box charging station is the brainchild of a dedicated team who thought long and hard about how to make home charging easier at the lowest possible cost. The tethered cable makes everyday usage easier and safer with the installation of a dedicated power supply line.

wallbox velocy box france

We have selected high-quality, robust materials to withstand the test of time. The software and electronic circuitry are entirely designed and assembled in France. The charging station is manufactured to order and then tested on a testbed before shipping.

The major assets of the Velocy Box charging station

  • Faster charging at home
  • Charging activated in peak/off-peak hours for greater savings
  • Safety with the overheating monitoring system
  • Tethered charging cable that keeps its shape and doesn’t twist
  • Substantial savings with the Velocy Sense module providing dynamic energy management and charging power control
  • Guaranteed for 2 years, the Velocy Box charging station also benefits from a repair service to ensure your purchase is sustainable.
  • The charging station designed and manufactured in France.

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