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Electric motorcycles and scooters

Our selection of charging cables, charging stations, adapters and accessories for electric motorcycles and electric scooters. Discover the essential for charging for electric two-wheelers!


      49 Electric motorcycles and scooters products

      Cables and charging stations for electric motorcycles and electric scooters

      Discover the essential equipment for electric two-wheelers, whether it is a electric motorcycle or a electric scooter with a type 2 connector, the use of a type 2 charging cable is necessary to connect to the charging stations that you will find on your journey. Find small length charging cables specially designed to meet the needs of 2 electric wheels which don't have much room to carry a standard sized cable. The 2 meter charging cable or 3 meter charging cable will be ideal for recharging an electric motorcycle at a terminal and storing easily in your bag. To charge an electric motorcycle at home on a charging station, prefer a longer charging cable for more everyday comfort.

      Charging stations for type 2 vehicles are compatible with electric motorcycles equipped with a type 2 connector as well as with the type 2 scooters. This is the socket adopted in the European Union to standardize the charging of electric vehicles of all categories. Speed ​​up the charging time of your motorcycle or scooter and reduce charging costs by installing a charging station at home!

      All these essential for electric motorcycles and scooters can be found on our online store, specializing in electric vehicle charging for over 10 years!

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