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Electric trucks

The essentials of charging for electric trucks.


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      Optimize the performance of your electric truck fleet

      Choosing the right charging equipment for your fleet of electric trucks is crucial to ensure efficient and profitable operation. At Mister EV, we support you in this transition by offering you a range of complete and tailor-made solutions.

      When choosing acharging solution for your electric truck, it is essential to consider several factors, such as connector type, cable length and power, terminal type, charging power and smart features. In addition, it is advisable to choose a charging solution compatible with your existing electricity network. By investing in quality charging cables and charging stations, you can ensure that your fleet of electric trucks is always operational and ready to take on the challenges of the road. Power your fleet of electric trucks with efficient and highly secure charging cables and terminals.

      Charging cables and terminals for electric trucks

      Whether you're a fleet manager, transporter or depot operator, you need a reliable charging cable to keep your vehicles moving. Our store specializing in charging equipment for all types of electric vehicles offers you charging cables compatible with all brands of electric trucks. Thanks to our wide selection of vehicle-side connectors and charging powers, you will easily find the optimal charging cable for charging your electric truck. We offer electric truck charging cables up to 15 meters long to provide comfortable charging in all situations. You will also find charging stations to speed up the charging of your fleet of electric trucks as well as mobile charging stations. Reduce HGV charging times with high-performance charging hardware with up to 22 kW of AC charging power.

      Our customer service supports you in the transition of your truck fleet

      The electric truck fleets have specific needs and thanks to our expertise in electromobility, we offer you tailor-made solutions. From manufacturing large quantities, to managing on-site shipments or even managing customer service, we simplify the purchase of your charging equipment.

      Equip your fleet of electric trucks with charging equipment specially designed for the professional environment and durable!

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