ElectricBrands XBUS charging cable

ElectricBrands XBUS charging cable

Charge using a ElectricBrands XBUS charging cable for Type 2 or Type 3C public charging stations or a ElectricBrands XBUS charger. Select your electric cable with sufficient length to reach from the side of the car to the charging stations or power outlet. You can now use your ElectricBrands XBUS cable in all possible configurations for hassle-free charging.
The figures quoted in the information on charging below are estimations.
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1 product for ElectricBrands XBUS charging cable Standard 15 kWh - 3.6 kW - monophase

Type 2 connector – Domestic power outlet for charging station
Notre expert recommande ce produit pour la ElectricBrands XBUS lorsque vous disposez d'une installation électrique Single-phase. En savoir plus Optimal product

Frequently asked questions

Generally speaking, the charging cable of your ElectricBrands XBUS EV plugs in at the front, at the rear, or on the side of the vehicle via the charging port.

Charging your ElectricBrands XBUS with a cable for a household socket takes a long time because using a standard socket limits the current to 10 A (i.e. a little over 2 kW).
When charging at a public station with your ElectricBrands XBUS, the charging time varies depending on the power rating of the installation.

The recommended products correspond to the wallbox with the ideal configuration to charge your ElectricBrands XBUS version. To simplify the selection among the different compatible charging stations, we have highlighted the perfect match between the electrical installation, the vehicle and the wallbox that will allow you to charge in the best conditions.